July 25, 2019

Things needed:

Development Calendar –

LinkedIn Implicit Religion Trust LinkedIn “Entity”


Content Development MURAL

Development Calendar MURAL

Visual Design Elements MURAL


July 9, 2019
Dear Francis – please down load these two docs, look through the memo first.

Please note the memo (the PDF) minus me compensating for a missing graphic is all but unchanged from something I wrote with my Death Metal Musician Partner 18 years ago, but it explains the website development process that hadn’t changed save for automation, technical capacities and code that scales to tablets and smart phones.

The second document is Word Processing file (.docx) into which you can place notes/ responses. It is geared toward for profit businesses, not all of it will be relevant. Skip anything that doesn’t make immediate sense, but please skim the whole thing. As you can imagine, after you have, using a tool like MURAL (with Templates that allow for various things to be managed) becomes more focused.

Project Definition Memo for Clients_IC 2020




Social Media Comps | Social Media Series | 2018 Comps | 2018 Series

Project Status – For 2019, Francis will update with new CFP and her new University’s Branding Standards in late September 2018 as they institution will now host the conference.

Design Memo
This memo, over iterations, will capture all the design elements (fonts, colors etc) for reference for this campaign and any updates to the Implicit Religion Website.

Reference: Implicit Religion website

Social Media – Comps

Comp A

Comp B

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Social Media Series

    • Twitter Banner & Button

Please note the images are cut to size for an upload into twitter, twitter’s software will resize them w/ minimal distortion.

Comp A – Banner (PNG)
Comp A_Banner_Upload_Twitter_ImplicitReligion

Comp A – Avatar (PNG) Current
Comp A_Avatar_Upload_Twitter_ImplicitReligion

Comp A – Avatar (PNG) Option

    • Facebook Banner & Button

Please note the images are cut to size for an upload into twitter, twitter’s software will resize them w/ minimal distortion.

Comp A – Banner (PNG)

Comp A – Avatar (PNG)


2018 Conference Comps

The Compositions will have samples for the Edward Bailey Lecturer, 2) Regular Speaker, & 3) General Conference Graphic.

Final Comp – Full iteration of Comp C variant C

Design Comp A and B
Design Comp Revision “C”

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2018 Conference Series

The versions of each graphic will be loaded here so you do not have to sift through email. The parentheses will indicate if the graphic is ready for editorial review or has been finalized and is ready for use.

MAY 8, 2018 – “2018” will be removed from the top bar of the graphic, that change will be systematically implemented and reloaded.

      1. 2018 Implicit Religion Conference Graphic
        (Revised, with corrections – PNG)
      2. Dawn Llewellyn 2018 Edward Bailey Lecture
      3. Leslie Francis – Speaker Template
      4. Chris Sunderland
      5. Chris Klassen
      6. Matylda Obryk
        (Withdrawn from program)

      7. Donna Bowman
      8. Anna Fisk
      9. Richard Roberts
      10. Sara Rahmani
      11. Israel Selvanayagan
      12. Brian Nail
      13. Emma McCabe
      14. Robyn Stewart
      15. Eleanor Higgs
        (Revised, with corrections – PNG)
      16. Olga Mikhelson
        (Revised, with corrections – PNG)Mikkelson_IR2018
      17. Mike Dines
        (Revised, with corrections – PNG)
      18. Francis Stewart
        (Revised, with corrections – PNG)

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