, Specialized Engineering, Regional Reach

Specialized engineering, regional reach

CJA_2004_HomePage – 2004 Build

A small civil engineering firm, Condon-Johnson needed to highlight its underground engineering expertise to every Department of Transportation in the Western states and to larger construction firms from whom they bid on subcontracts. The marketing challenge? How could we reinforce Condon-Johnson’s brand as an experienced and technologically cutting-edge firm for underground civil engineering and convey the regional reach of their four West Coast offices. The mission? Enable anyone seeking underground engineering expertise to vet the firm or gather further information during contract and subcontract bidding.

For Condon-Johnson’s first serious website in 2001, as Executive Producer of Alien-Tongue Design, I led client research and strategy, designed the user experience, information architecture, and content plan and  partnered with Morgen van Buren, Creative Director, who developed the branding and graphic design. With little previous collateral, we resorted to photoshopping Condon-Johnson’s logo on to stock photography.

2001_cja_homepage 2001 Build

The 2004 update, to accommodate video and convey the reach of their regional offices, benefited from a groundswell of interest from Condon-Johnson’s construction site and district managers to use the web to support their contract bids and recruiting. Previously indifferent, all were eager to see their work highlighted in the redesign.


Out of several hundred construction sites, we worked with the client to identify sixteen that could highlight the array of the services and specific technologies the firm deployed and also highlight the stand-alone expertise and capabilities of each of their four offices.


Designed to let potential clients and employees size up the firm before making contact, Alien-Tongue’s 2004 build of served as the heart of the firm’s marketing and recruiting plan for over 6 years.