– Tech Beyond Silicon Valley.’s World News channel had been languishing from a lack of consistent updates beyond reproducing content from The Industry Standard print edition each week. With the opportunity of a site-wide redesign,  the World channel also needed a content plan for a larger volume of breaking news, long form journalism, and then scale out to accommodate reporting from localized editions of the Industry Standard around the globe that would launch over the next several months.

The new content plan started the news day with the opening of the markets in New York, breaking news updates in tandem with the home page, final posts in the late afternoon on the West Coast, and the release of a weekly summary via an HTML formatted newsletter. I produced online versions of articles from 4 reporters on different continents working with editors based in San Francisco, and coordinated with editors in the London office to support the launch of The Industry Standard U.K. and its in-depth coverage of Europe.

I worked with’s Design Team and the producers for other channels  to design a set of replicable modules with which we could mange the ebb and flow of news,  to render the reader’s experience consistent across the site.

Wireframe – World News

Without a promotional budget, the redesign and content plan for’s World channel achieved a 300% increase in page views within 2 months of the launch.

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